Saturday, September 21, 2013

Union Local 613

There's a bucket list of restaurants I've been dying to try in Ottawa. 

Union Local 613 has been at the top of this list for quite a while. They are a Canadian take on Southern hospitality, featuring a cocktail menu with a focus on bourbon. 

Into it. 

Whenever I'm in need of a good laugh and a great meal, I call up my friend Allison for one of our legendary "lady dates". WHAT is a lady date you ask?? Well let me tell you! 

Lady date: two fancy ladies (April & Allison), sampling a new restaurant, and ordering everything on the menu. Cocktails required. Shenanigans strongly encouraged. 

Neither of us are foodies, we just both luv food!! 

Right off the bat, I loved the feel of Local 613. Definitely one of the cooler restaurants I have ever been to. I felt bad-ass just being in there. 

Seating is primarily communal, which I didn't think I would like, but I did! It was fun to snoop on what other people were drinking and eating. 

The decor had a true Southern Comfort feel. Long wooden tables and rustic floor boards, mason jars at every turn, the menu covered in burlap and candles ERRYWHERE. 

We started with cocktails. I had the Dark and Stormy. 

Rum, ginger syrup, falernum and lime bitters, lime, and soda top.

Allison had the Counting Sheep. 

Gin, cucumber shrub, basil, lime juice, and waupoos cider. 

Both were fantastic!

Instead of the traditional "bread for the table", they brought us boiled peanuts. Say whaaa?

Are boiled peanuts a thing down South?? I have no idea! 

To start, I went with the most interesting thing I saw, which was fried green tomatoes. 

Served with ham, pimento cheese, roasted corn, and peppers. 

It was actually really, REALLY good. Best thing I ate all night! 

Allison had some kind of chicken-falafelly ball thing. 

Next up for a main, I had the catfish. 

I really wanted to stick with the Southern theme. And it doesn't get any more Southern than catfish! 

Served with a pecan puree, wilted frisee, and lemon. 

So the catfish was... catfishy? 

It was my first time ever having it, so I didn't know what to expect! I liked the fish! Could have done without the puree. But happy I tried it. 

What really made our meal, was the sides we decided to share. 

Cornbread & grits. True comfort foods.

THE BEST!!!! EVER!!!!! 

Really heavy on the butter and cream. Perfect 10/10. 

Overall, we both really liked Union Local 613. The service was great, and the staff was really friendly and knowledgeable. They definitely knew their stuff. Next time, I think I would skip the mains altogether and just order a bunch of sides, they were the best part! 

PS: Before we headed home, I remembered reading somewhere online that there was a speakeasy in the basement. We decided to go downstairs and check it out. Here's what we found:  

Bookshelf, or secret passageway? We'll never tell! 

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  1. Ahh it looks so good! We definitely need to go here when I visit! Everything looks delish - good for you for trying catfish too haha. And yeah, boiled peanuts are totally a southern thing!