Monday, May 5, 2014

Toronto Day One

It was a Steak and French Fries weekend!!!!!!!!! 

Last weekend, I headed on over to Toronto for a girls weekend with Heather. We didn't have anything planned, (or so I thought.......)just a weekend of catching up, eating, and shopping. We stick to what we're good at ;) 

Immediately upon my arrival, Heather asked me the age-old question: are you hungry? 

I replied "no, not really", and then we took a nap. 


JUST KIDDING! This happened:


In my opinion, a TRUE friend gives you snacks when you pop by for a visit.  

Heather had cut up veggies, lunch meat, and Kali Spera Feta Dip all prepped and ready to go, with a bottle of chilled Niagara Riesling to wash it all down. 

If that's not a true friend, then I don't know what is. 


We dug right in and chatted away. I opened my belated birthday presents (an art set and 3 beautiful mercury glass bud vases!), while we got caught up and I settled in for the weekend. I haven't seen Heather in months, but every time we get together it feels like she lives right around the corner.

Before we knew it, hours had gone by, and it was time to get ready for dinner! 

But that wasn't all. Little did I know Heather had planned a surprise (I LOVE SURPRISES!!!!!!!!). 

We were doing a painting workshop at Paintlounge!!!!!!!!! HOW EXCITING IS THAT????????!!!! 

I was real excited. 

But more on that later. 

First, dinner, at Prohibition Gastrohouse in Leslieville. 
PROHIBITION gastrohouse on Urbanspoon

The waitress literally presented us with a BUCKET of hot sauces to go along with our oysters.  
It was great! 

We had an early-ish dinner which happened to be during "Hooch Hour". It's from 4-7 and 10-midnight every day so our drinks were a bit cheaper. 

Considering how early we were there, the place was pretty full and booming with loud conversation. 

I ordered a couple of Sloppy Joe Tacos and washed it all down with a pint of Cracked Canoe. 

Sloppy those tacos were indeed. 

Happy bellies, happy ladies! 

And then we were off. To the Paintlounge!!! 

Paintlounge is all about the fun, social painting process.

Art shouldn't be boring!! You shouldn't have to whisper in a stiff, snobby art gallery and tip-toe around! It should be relaxed and interactive. It should be fun like how art class used to be in elementary school. Do you remember your eyes lighting up and your imagination running wild at the sight of freshly laid-out craft supplies? I want that feeling back. 

Paintlounge has captured it for me. 

You choose the level of difficulty (easy/moderate/challenge, but all levels are apparently catered to beginners)and they basically do the rest. They supply all of the materials, and the instructor walks you through what you will be painting (we did cherry blossoms) step-by-step. They'll even make you a drink! (Non-alcoholic options only however... something they should look into. I can only imagine how next-level my painting could have been, had I had a glass of sauvignon blanc in hand haha.) 

I can't even tell you how much fun I had. 

Sometimes, ya just gotta let dem creative juices get ta flowing! 

It's good for the soul. 

I am BY NO MEANS an experienced painter, yet SO PLEASED with my final masterpiece. Check it! 

We all painted the same thing with the same instruction, but everyone's piece turned out slightly different. It was neat.

One especially enthusiastic older gentleman went HOG WILD with the blossoms. It was a blossom EXPLOSION on his canvas. Too sweet. 

Here are mine and Heather's canvases side-by-side. 

I cannot wait to hang my bébé up on the wall back home!! 

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